Art & Creative Writing Contest 2022

The Art & Creative Writing Competition is open for Kindergarten to Grade-12 students.

THEME "Future World"

The “Future World” is full of unknowns, changes, possibilities, and threats due to the rapid development of science and technology, the harsher climate, depleting natural resources and drastic changes in human life style. What can you imagine of the future world? What would you do if you had the power to change the world? Unleash your boundless creativity and show us your ideal future world. Participants are to demonstrate their observational ability as well as imagination based on the theme “Future World”.

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Contest Rules


  • Drawing: 60 points, Decoration 20 points, Creativity 20 points
  • It is an individual contest each student will participate individually encourage them to use bright bold colors. Any media may be used- paint, crayon, colored pencil, charcoal, stickers, paper or other materials.
  • Poster size must be A4 - 8.5" x 11".
  • All posters must be created by an individual student.
  • Only one submission per category, per student.
  • Although younger students will most likely receive help in planning from teachers, encourages each student to do as much of the work as possible by him/herself.


Content and Body (maximum 40 points) (Response to assigned task, clearly established controlling idea, relevant and clearly developed supporting ideas, sense of order, sense of completeness), Sentence Formation (maximum 20 points)

(Appropriate and punctuation, complete sentences, appropriate coordination and subordination), Style (maximum 20 points) (Effective diction, varied and effective sentence structure, tone consistent with topic and purpose, sense of audience), Creativity (maximum 20 points)

  • Creative Writing must be in original, unpublished, and written by a single student
  • SIZE of paper for Creative Writing: A4 size.
  • Entries must be in English.
  • Each page must be numbered.
  • WORDS LIMIT KG, NURSERY (10-20 words approximate), Grade (1-2) - (20-30 words approximate) Grade (3-4) - (50-60 words approximate),Grade (5-6) - (80-100 words approximate), Grade (7-8) - (120-150 words approximate), Grade (9-10) - (200-250 words approximate), Grade (11-12) - (250-300 words approximate)

HRCA reserve the rights to disqualify any contestant on the basis of any violation. Decision of the jury will be immutable.

Important Dates

  • Entries must be received before Oct 05, 2022 (17:00 your local time).
  • The names of winners will be announced on Nov 07, 2022 at
  • Prizes will be dispatched on Dec 05, 2022


Student's Awards

  • GRAND PRIZE: 250,000/- (TWO AWARDS)
  • IPAD –APPLE per group (14 Awards)
  • 15,000 per group (14 Awards)
  • 10,000 per group (14 Awards)
  • Gold-Medal (75) per group (1050 Awards)
  • Silver-Medal (75) per group (1050 Awards)
  • Bronze-Medal (75) per group (1050 Awards)
  • 5000 per group (14 Awards)
  • Special Giveaways (630 Awards)


Teachers/Coordinators' Awards

  • Souvenirs for Principals
  • Certificates for Principal/Teachers/Coordinators
  • Souvenirs for Teachers
Prize Winner in HRCA Contest
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  • Art & Creative Writing Contest 2022
  • English & Science Quiz 2022

What Principals Say?

Principal Convent of Jesus and Mary 4.Durand Road,Lahore

This has been the first time the Convent of Jesus & Mary, Lahore has participated in the HRCA Internatinal Drawing & Essay Writing Competition. We are Delighted that 2 of our Students have Won Gold Medals and all the participants have received very impressive certificates of Participation,this has given much joy to the children. We would certainly like to support and participate in the future

Shahina Qutub (Principal) Headway Escola Rawalpindi

It has always been a pleasure and great opportunity to take part in your events.The students’ look forward to participating with great enthusiasm as we have always won medal, Shields, and Cash Prizes. Looking forward for other events.

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